Monday, June 10, 2013

Brooklyn is 17 months

That's right folks- we are just shy of a year and a half!
Height: 31 inches
Weight: 22 pounds


WOO HOO!! She is finally walking on her own! (Like it just happened 3 days ago!) She had been able to take steps (5-10 at a time) from me to Daniel when we begged her but never would do it on her own. All the sudden this weekend she'd be standing by something and just walk out from it, and yesterday started standing up from the floor (without having to hold on to something) and walking. She was walking in circles saying "WEE!" and when we tried to get it on tape she started doing this....

Enjoys washing her hands. If the faucet comes on she'll look up at you and start rubbing her hands together. She will turn the water on, stick her hand out until you put soap in it and rub them together under the water and then turn off the water and dry her hands on the closest piece of cloth (which is often your clothes if you aren't one to think ahead).

Loves spelling her name. We have her name in wooden letters over her crib and every morning when we get her up she points to each one and says most of the letters (she usually skips the "O" or the "L") and when she's finished Daniel will ask her what that spells and she grins and shouts "BOOK- IN".

She can has finally learned the correct way to get down from our bed or the couch by turning around getting on her belly and sliding feet first. (To which she also says "Wee!")

She has also learned and loves giving neck hugs. If you are sitting on the floor she'll crawl up,  pull up to standing next to you, and stick one arm around the back of your neck, squeeeeeeze your neck and lean her head against your head/shoulder and pat you. It's can make anybody's day infinitely better.

Loves just about any music, but particularly the songs "La Bamba" (it's on a kidsongs video that's at my parents and I think she likes it because the can quasi sing along), "Itsy-Bitsy Spider", and some song by Drake (don't judge me- it comes on the radio and she dances like mad in her car seat).

Currently reading: Dr. Seuss' "Foot Book" still on "What Shall We do with the Boo Hoo Baby" and "Blue Hat Green Hat" by Sandra Boynton.

Still loving Wheel of Fortune, coloring, and splashing in her kiddie pool.

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  1. Love her! She is getting so big but is just as adorable as ever!


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