Thursday, May 9, 2013

16 months!

I actually have some stats this month! ::happy dance:: We went in for her 15 month well baby about a week ago (which was actually really more like her 16 month well baby - we got behind on shots so we are off by a month) so here's how she came in.

Height: 30 & 3/4  inches (54%)
Weight: 21 lbs 4 oz. (23%)


We are catching up on teeth! She has 2 more teeth this month - the last of the top four that usually come in first is finally poking through and a molar on bottom. Current tooth count: 10! (I can't believe just 2 months ago it was half that!)
yes, she's eating the wood chips on the playground
There is no consistent walking going on in our household. None. However, she will, when encouraged, take a few steps on her own. We are very slooooowwwwly getting there. 

More and more words! Tortilla "TIA", Pizza "PEE-PEEAh", Oatmeal "Oh-ME", Wheel "WEE-Wh",&  Bubbles! (which she says well just without the 's') 

We have started the cold turkey bottle weaning. I mentioned in an earlier post that homegirl will drink anything from a sippy or straw-cup except milk- she only drinks milk from a bottle. Well when after trying every type of cup and adding chocolate and strawberry syrup didn't work we got the OK at this months well baby to go cold turkey (really I just needed reassurance I wasn't going to dehydrate my kid). We are on day 5 and she's gone from taking a sip and refusing the sippy to drinking about 1-2 oz. at the 3 times of day it is offered so we are slowly moving to a bottle free home!

The disciplinary stage is in full effect. She loves testing our boundaries and seeing if we are true to our word. I've found she gets in trouble most often when she isn't busy or if she wants our attention. We do the "tell her no and redirect her to something else warning her that if she does it again she will go to time out, then if she does it again put her in time out...even if it's in the middle of dinner" method. It's frustrating because when you pick her up to take her to time out she grins, then during time out she'll stay put in her spot and sing or clap or be silly....almost like she enjoys time out. On the bright side, she doesn't really ever come out of time out and go right back to doing whatever got her in trouble in the first place so we think she's beginning to get it.

Favorite Things:

Still obsessed with Elmo, and Al Roker, and recently has become enamored with Wheel of Fortune....she'll just chant "Wee-Wh, Wee-Wh" and flap her arms if it's on. I swear we don't just sit her in front of a TV all day- She gets to see Elmo a few days a week (and only watches the segments with Elmo in them- the rest of the show she is off playing with her toys) and I always have the Today show on in the morning and she stops everything when Al comes on. 

She loves splashing in the tub, dancing with mommy and daddy, rolling around and free falling on our bed, taking every plastic container out of the cupboard, swinging at the park, and standing in the seat of peoples parked cars (?? beats me).

Favorite Books:

'Now I lay Me Down To Sleep' recordable bedtime book that BeBe and Grandad gave her, 'What Shall We Do With the Boo-Hoo Baby?'  and Brown Bear or Panda Bear What Do You See books. 

Favorite foods: 
Pizza (I make her homemade veggie topped pizza bites), homemade Smoothies (we've added a smoothie a day to sneak in the dairy), "Bean-Beans" (Green Beans) and graham crackers to name a few. I'm sure this will jinx it but she has yet to try a food she didn't like.

We love our silly, independent and sometimes stubborn little 16 month old! 

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