Friday, July 12, 2013

Brooklyn is 18 months

Yep! A year and a half! And I'm only a few days late ha ha! Here's B at 5, 12 and 18 months. I would have done 6 but we were in OKC for that pic so she wasn't in her "chair".
Height: 31 1/2 inches
Weight: 23 ish pounds


Teeth teeth and more teeth! I didn't do a tooth count at 17 months (mostly because she thinks it's funny to chomp down when mommy puts her finger in her mouth to count teeth) but this month I have a number. She has 7 new teeth bringing the total (from the 16 month tally) to 17 teeth! She seems to get teeth like 3 or 4 at a time.
She can use the potty! That's right people I said POTTY. This in no way means she's potty trained. We noticed that 5 out of 7 mornings she'd be dry when we woke her up so we bought a little potty (I thought she might freak if we started her on the big one.). It has a removable seat that you can put on the big potty for when she's ready and then the little potty becomes a step stool. Anywho- we started sitting her on the potty in the mornings and after nap and most of the time she just goes! Sometimes she says she has to go potty just so we can sit there and read books. Now during the day she'll tell us but it's usually right after she's already gone. So we will be working on that (and she'll work on it at Montessori too) but seriously- yay!

Putting words together. She's starting to go from single words to more word combos "Yuv- you" (Love you!) "Mo- (insert food here)" etc.

Recognizing locations. I've noticed in the last few weeks that when we turn down our street she'll start chanting "Hooooome, Hoooome!" and when we turn onto my parent's street "Pa-pawww!" or when she can see the steeple of the church where she's going to school, "Skooooo! Bussss!" and any other building we pull up to "Eeeeat! Eeeat! ha ha!

She has literally mastered the TV remote. She can turn it on and off, change the channel and the volume. And she doesn't fumble around for buttons. She points that sucker right at the TV and hits the button she wants. Then she grins and usually ends up in timeout (it's a standing rule that she's not allowed  to play with the remote which is why we are so surprised that she can use it so well).

Words: Baboon "Ba-BOO", Sorry "Sa-REE", Howdy "Ah-DEE", Potty "Pah-EE", Nite-Nite "Ny-Nye-t" among others.

Personality: She's become a little copycat. She likes to say things the way you say them and make the same faces you make. She's very persistent and has a pretty good little memory which doesn't help me out when I pull the "we can watch 'Wheel' when we get home line to get her to not freak when it's time to leave somewhere that she's playing. As soon as we get into the driveway it's "Wheel! Wheel. Wheel Wheel Wheel". And if she wants something she'll first say it as a question "Cheese?"- then immediately follow that up with saying it as a statement and nodding her head yes "Cheese. Cheese. Cheese".  She's super silly and loves to squeal and laugh and loves to make others laugh. She likes to come at you with her little hands to "tickle tickle" you.
Favorite things: Getting the mail, going to the splash park or the pool, eating, "hiding"  she loves to go in the closet or laundry room and shut the door and just sit there in the dark. When you open the door she'll giggle and yell "More! Hide!" until you close the door and wonder aloud where she could have possibly disappeared to. Scooting herself backwards on her little motorcycle scooter is another current fave (she only knows how to go backwards).

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