Friday, September 6, 2013

School Days

OK- so technically we aren't to the "real school" (i.e. pre-k, kindy and up) but we started Brooklyn at Montessori this fall. It's also the first time she's gone 5 days a week from 8-5. I can't handle it so far. 3 pm I can do, 5 pm...not so much. The working-mom guilt is in full effect.
Anywho, at Montessori they have toddler sized everything so when she found the sink she literally spent the first 2-3 days washing her hands/swimming in the sink. We ran out of backup outfits the first day and it was only a half day. She loves her teachers, especially Miss Audra and starts chanting her name when we pull up to the school. She had no trouble sleeping on her nap mat from day 1 (which surprised me a little). And the opportunities I've had to watch her, (they have one way glass so parents can observe) I am amazed at how independent she is and how well she listens to her teachers. Now if I can only get her to sit still at home....

We also have started our first ballet class this week. She loves music and be-bops to every song she hears so I thought why not let her run out some energy in a mommy and me ballet class. It's only once a week for 45 minutes and. she. loves. it. She does what her teacher Miss Abby tells her about 60% of the time which for a 20 month old- is pretty good! The other 40% of the time she high fives herself in the mirror, runs around the room like a maniac, and tries to go into the other dance rooms where the 'big girls" are dancing.

...and of course the start of school also means one other major thing in our family....FOOTBALL SEASON!!! We had the Baylor home opener (and the beginning of the last season at Floyd Casey Stadium) this past Saturday. We have a tailgate spot this year and brought B for the 6:30 game and weren't sure how she'd do this year (B was great last year but couldn't walk so it was easy). Week one was our tester week and aside from it being crazy hot (I think the temp was in the 104 range!) she did amazing! She loved climbing the stairs before the game and yelled "HI-EEE!" and "BAY Be-ahs!" at everyone with a Baylor shirt on. No joke. She literally did that to every. single. person. in the ladies room. twice.
Helping Daddy make snickerdoodles for the tailgate.

She clapped and yelled "Go Be-ahs!" when we made good plays, she also holds up her bear claw during kickoffs and the school song. I was a happy and proud mama for sure!
It was so bright when I took off my sunglasses that our traditional 1st game photos turned out like this....

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