Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ball & Chain

2 years ago today I made a vow before friends, family and God to hang out with the coolest person I know until I die. I'd have to say so far in this deal, I've made out like a bandit. My husband on the other hand is still trying to figure out what he's gotten himself into.... I kid, I kid!

Daniel makes it easy and really fun to be married. We laugh a lot. Like  A. LOT. We don't yell at each other. We do debate..usually until I've talked him in a circle and he cracks and let's me get a cleaning lady (jackpot!). And sometimes he helps me realize that we won't in fact, die, if we don't purchase something the instant it crosses my mind (sorry tempur-pedic bed, I'll be back for you after I fold and reinstate myself as the cleaning lady). He loves me despite the fact that I sometimes force him to watch chick shows like The City, and Oprah (at which time he conveniently gets the laptop out to check his e-mail). He can tell the instant I'm decidedly bored at a movie (apparently no matter how good the movie is, once it's close to/over 2 hours it suddenly becomes boring. I'm antsy, I gotta move!).

Married on a Fri. so we could go to the Baylor/ OU game Sat.

In return for all of my "Adrienne-isms" (I could do an entire blog series on the weirdness that is me.) that the poor man puts up with, I must say he's a much better dresser than he was 5 years ago when we met....and he got a heck of a sports fanatic for a wife, which comes in handy when you run an athletic department.

Best wedding gift EVER.
 My favorite thing about my husband though is that he never asks me to be anything I'm not & calls me out when I try to be. He looks at me like I'm the prettiest gal in the room, prays for me, prays with me, loves me when I'm not very lovable, keeps me grounded, dreams with me, helps without being asked, the list goes on and on. I'm quite the lucky girl! Happy anniversary honey (although you probably won't see this!) !!!



1 comment:

  1. happy anniversary!!

    i am with you COMPLETELY on 2+ hour movies. im usually lucky if i make it that far.


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