Friday, April 12, 2013

Brooklyn is 15 Months

I am loving watching Brooklyn learn new skills, words, and seeing her little personality blossom as each week passes.
New Tricks:

Words, words, words! I feel like every time I look at her she's learned a new word. Her newest favorites this month are:  "MAY-MEN" (amen), "PAY-t" (plate), "BAY-EES" (Strawberries/Blueberries),     "BAY-Buhh" (bellybutton), "Hai-BOW" (hair bow), "SKOO" (school)

Teeth. It's been several months since she got a tooth (we are talking at least 3 months) so it's only fitting that when I checked the other day I discovered 3 new ones- 2 of which are molars. That brings the total tooth count to 8.

She likes trying to put on her shoes and socks. She also enjoys trying to put on your shoes and socks.

Thanks to those awesome foam letters and numbers for the bath (and all 6.2 million of her toys that sing the alphabet and numbers), she can pick out when asked and say 5 letters and 3 numbers. Oh and she knows her play food.
Still. Not. Walking. She cruises like a champ and will walk holding only 1 of your index fingers. I know she can do it but she apparently doesn't want to. I can't imagine where she gets that stubbornness from. :)
She's also started playing with her baby doll more too. It's so cute to watch her play with it, care for it and love on it.
She puts her "paw" up and "whoosh"-es when people shoot free throws. She also assumes that all basketball being played, college or otherwise, is Baylor Basketball. That's my kid. Sic 'Em. This was Brooklyn watching the Louisville/Wichita State final four game.

Her current faves:

Head and Shoulders- she wants you to sing it all. day. long. She's even got some of the moves down as evidenced below:
"G" - she loves her Giraffe. I don't know if she could sleep without him.

Turning off the lights. If you are holding her and are travelling from one room to another she takes care of making sure that light is off.

Her days at Camp Papaw (Partly because he gives her snacks whenever she requests them and partly because Nana and Papaw have this weird early '90's kids video that she is obsessed with.) She loooves her Papaw.


  1. Ummmm I'm pretty sure you have the smartest baby in the world. For reals!!!! She is a doll!

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