Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Brooklyn is 2 1/2

She's still at an age where 6 months is huge developmentally so I'm continuing to do half birthday posts (even though I'm almost a month late haha!)

This little firecracker is keeping me on my toes! She is so verbal and has a very determined little mind of her own. This usually equals a very tired mommy and daddy! It also means that she keeps us laughing constantly!

We just had her well child check up at her pediatrician and she is weighing 28 pounds, and is 36ish  inches tall.

  • sleeping in a big girl bed- we did this shortly after her 2nd birthday (mostly because we needed the crib for baby #2) she was great until baby brother was born - now many nights she climbs out of bed and sleeps on the floor lol!
  • potty training - she wears big girl undies and is finally starting to either tell us she needs to go or just goes on her own instead of us having to ask her 500 times a day. Pooping is a whole other story...I'd say she goes on the potty maybe once a week haha!We do still have her in pull ups at night.
  • Super mega verbal - like talks in full sentences and is at an age where you can have a conversation with her. She talks all. the. time. She is hilarious!
  • She's still a great eater!
  • She climbs. Oh lordy, she climbs. On furniture, on her trashcan to get on her dresser, on her bed frame to get to the light switch, and she hangs from the bar ledge and walks her feet up the wall and says "Mama LOOK! I danglin'!!" I don't yet have gray hair but I feel that I will be getting some soon.
Things she loves:
  • swimming
  • ballet & gymnastics
  • toy story - she's obsessed right now
  • reading books
  • playing soccer
  • her stuffed animals - she sleeps with a minimum of 6 - at some point we'll need to cut her off

Things she doesn't love:
  • getting out of the ball pit at gymnastics
  • obeying her parents
  • any kind of assistance because, "NO, I can DOOOOO iiiiitt!"
  • sharing
  • going to bed

I love that she loves to laugh and how she beams when she says something that makes you laugh, or when you praise her for doing something good. I love seeing her play with her toys and sing songs and bring them to life with her imagination. I love (most of the time) that she is determined to try until she gets it. I love that she enjoys learning and reading and puzzles. She is an amazing little tot!

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